Our Mission

Engaging people in Christ's Call to Serve

FOCUS exists to provide service opportunities that reveal Christ in our neighbor and serve community needs within the five ministry areas of food, occupation, clothing, understanding and shelter







What People Are saying about us

Kathy Bastas

Donor & Volunteer

As a recently retired individual, I am able to happily expand my involvement with Southern California FOCUS not only as a donor, but as a weekly volunteer.  I witness the effects that come from dedicated staff working directly with outstanding community partners to feed the hungry.  A day does not go by without a heartfelt Thank You and God Bless You.

Debbie Zonos


What inspired us to volunteer with FOCUS is that we could have been one of those families affected by COVID. People were losing their jobs, losing family members, and life as they once knew it. So many people were needing assistance and FOCUS provided us the opportunity to be able to help. By the grace of God we were spared from having to suffer any financial loss or the loss of a loved one. Volunteering with FOCUS made us as a family appreciate what we have.

Dena Mavritsakis


Wow, the cars were lined up for hours to pick up food. It was one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had. All the volunteers from so many different walks of life and we were working together to help people in need. I was hooked. I continued coming to the food drives just about every Saturday after that.

Pam Kouri


We began volunteering to distribute food with Focus. It was a great way to provide for those that were struggling during a difficult time in our world. Each time we served we began to have a better understanding of the struggles of others. People had lost jobs, businesses were closing, but families needed to be fed. All of us who served began to realize the people in need could be us at any time.

Our Message

Answering Christ's Call

FOCUS engages people in Christ’s call to serve by providing opportunities and resources designed to support communities in need, right here in SoCal.

Our Vision & Approach

serving in god's kingdom

We envision a world where everyone experiences and shares the transformative love of Christ. We strive to approach everything we do through the context of God's Kingdom, which allows us to understand service not as a "project" but as a way for us to live the Gospel of Christ. 

Our Purpose

Revealing Christ in our neighbor

The purpose of the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians United to Serve is to support the growth of Orthodox Christian service efforts by providing engagement opportunities that reveal Christ in our neighbor and serve community needs within our five ministry areas of Food, Occupation, Clothing, Understanding, and Shelter.

Join With Us

You make a life by what you give

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time. They just have the heart. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

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